June Testing: Promotion, Breaking Days, Sparring

TKS Promotion Testing Dates:
TKS upcoming Belt Promotion Testing dates are here as follows. The time and date for the testing will be determined based on the student’s current belt. Please look at the date and time carefully.
Thursday, June 8th
White Sr : 4:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm
Yellow / Yellow Sr : 5:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm
Green / Green Sr : 6:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm
Friday, June 9th
Blue / Blue Sr : 4:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm
Red / Red Jr / Red Sr : 5:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm
Black (credit only) : 6:00 pm ~ 7:30 pm
Important Reminder: The Belt Promotion Test application and fees are due by Monday, June 5th. Please return all application and fees by the due date since late charges will apply after the due date.
Attachments: Each Promotion Belt Test has an oral test section. Each belt level is tested on different information about taekwondo. Please see the current belt level of your student. Also, check the Home Rules as each belt level needs to remember the rules.
Breaking Days:
We will have breaking days during class the week prior to testing. It is extremely important for students to prepare and familiarize themselves with breaking techniques.
Breaking Days are as follows:
Thursday, June 1st
Friday, June 2nd
Monday, June 5th
Tuesday, June 6th
Sparring Test
Sparring tests are as follows:
Wednesday, May 31st, and Wednesday, June 7th during the regular sparring class time.
Important Note: The sparring test must be taken to be promoted to the next belt. Students too young for the sparring test may get special permission from Master Lee or Master Kwak.

TKS Weekend Update

We have had quite the busy weekend here at TKS. We have finished three events: the black belt testing, the ITF Competition, and our monthly community service. Check out our Instagram for pictures from our events…@taekwonstory
Black Belt Testing (Friday 5/19)
On Friday, 24 of our students participated in the black belt testing. It is a rigorous process where their training begins 6 weeks prior. The day of the testing was a big event for the students who have tested for their 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, and even 5th-degree black belts.
Our very own Instructor Kwak took the test and earned his 5th-degree black belt.
Please help us in congratulating MASTER Young Bin Kwak!!
Inline image 1
ITF Competitions (Saturday 5/20)
On Saturday, the International Taekwondo Federation held their competition in the City of Industry where our students competed with good results in both poomsae (forms) and sparring.
Community Service (Sunday 5/21)
On Sunday, we participated in the monthly outreach program. We’d like to thank the TKS family for participating in donating goods throughout last week. It was a successful community outreach thanks to you.
Our community service program is taking it to another level in July. On July 4th, the masters from four dojangs will visit the Hopi Reservation to pass out goods to the Hopis. We will need your help through the month of June to donate goods for July’s outreach.
As you can see, it was a busy weekend for us at TKS and we also have more to look forward to.
For more pictures from each of the events, please visit us on Instagram @taekwonstory

No Class on May 19th

We’d like to announce that there will be a black belt testing on Friday, May 19, 2017. Due to the testing, we will NOT have our regular classes on this date. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we would like to invite you to make up the Friday class anytime during the prior week or after. Meaning you can come to make up the missed class on May 8-13 or May 22-26.

Character Building

We are opening up our character building program. As you know, Master Lee and the instructors work with the students to provide a quality curriculum for the students at TKS.
Many parents sit outside the dojang looking in and may not be sure what is going on inside. We would like to bridge that by opening up the curriculum that is happening inside to the parents sitting outside. On the screen where pictures are shown, you will be able to see what to expect in daily classes that week and also see what the focus is for the week. Class pictures will be shown from the previous week so you can see some of the techniques the students have learned.
Another part of the curriculum we will be opening up is the character building. Every month, we will focus on two aspects of character building such as respect, responsibility, cooperation, determination, and more. In class, students can learn how it connects to not only taekwondo but out of taekwondo too. Outside of class, parents can know what their child has learned and also help them use it at home.