Character Building

We are opening up our character building program. As you know, Master Lee and the instructors work with the students to provide a quality curriculum for the students at TKS.
Many parents sit outside the dojang looking in and may not be sure what is going on inside. We would like to bridge that by opening up the curriculum that is happening inside to the parents sitting outside. On the screen where pictures are shown, you will be able to see what to expect in daily classes that week and also see what the focus is for the week. Class pictures will be shown from the previous week so you can see some of the techniques the students have learned.
Another part of the curriculum we will be opening up is the character building. Every month, we will focus on two aspects of character building such as respect, responsibility, cooperation, determination, and more. In class, students can learn how it connects to not only taekwondo but out of taekwondo too. Outside of class, parents can know what their child has learned and also help them use it at home.
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