Schedule Change

Effective Monday, June 9, there will be a new schedule in place. The schedule has been posted on the site, so feel free to print out a copy of your own.

The changes include:

  – Only one special class per week, rather than two.

– All Belt Class at later time, belt specific classes will be earlier.

                 – Tuesday/Thursday All Belt Class will be at 6:30.

We have taken everyone’s concerns and busy schedules into consideration, and we hope the new schedule works well for everyone.

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello all TKS members! This is a notice to inform all students and parents that we will be closed this upcoming Monday, May 26, for Memorial Day Weekend. All classes will resume as scheduled starting Tuesday, May 27. We hope everyone has an enjoyable long weekend and we look forward to seeing you soon!

2014 International Taekwondo Festival

This past Saturday, May 10, TKS Martial Arts competed and showed great achievment in the 2014 International Taekwondo Festival. Our students had great success in the tournament, as we had more than 15 First and Second Place winners! We would like to thank everyone who competed, attended, and showed support for TKS, as we hope to repeat the same success in future competitions. For those of you who attended your first tournament, we hope you enjoyed the experience and come out again next time! And for those of you who missed out on the opportunity, we certainly hope you can make it to the next competition!

Successful April Testing and Upcoming Competition

We would like to thank all parents for the support as our April Testing was an extreme success! Thank you to everyone who came to watch, all the students who participated, and Grand Master Jae Kim for attending and helping to better the students’ taekwondo technique. The testing was a success and we look forward to the upcoming testing in June.

We would also remind everyone that the International Taekwondo Festival is this upcoming Saturday, May 10. TKS Martial Arts will have over 20 competitors attending, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you out there. For those of you who were unsure whether or not to sign up for the competition or simply missed out, experience the tournmanet environment and please attend to show support for your fellow TKS members. We would like the wish all competitors the best of luck and we look forward to seeing you all this weekend.

April Testing and Degree Testing

Here is the schedule for the upcoming test in April.

Friday, April 25:

White – Yellow : 4:00 pm ~ 5:30 pm

Green – Blue – Red : 5:30 pm ~ 6:30 pm

Black (Credit Testing) : 6:30 pm ~ 7:30 pm

Rather than having degree testing immediately follow color belt and credit testing, we will be holding the degree test the following day on Saturday, April 26 from 1:00 pm ~ 3:00 pm.

New Special Class Term

New terms for the World Class Poomsae and Olympic Style Sparring classes will begin, starting on April 1, 2014. All current members have already received their renewal forms, which must be turned in by the end of the month.

In special class, students will be trained physically and mentally, weekdays and weekends, in preparation to compete in presitigious local, regional, national, and international tournaments. All students that wish to join must be Yellow Belt or Higher.


We have currently gained possession of a few coupon booklets courtesy of the Missing Children’s Resource Center. The booklet contains coupons for mechanics, tire shops, child play areas (such as Boomers and SkyZone). So if anyone is interested feel free to ask either Master Lee or any Instructor for any coupons you would like.

Competition Update

During the past few weeks, 8 members of the sparring and poomsae teams competed in the US Open, as well as a few State Championships in order to qualify for the 2014 National Championship, which will be held at the San Jose Convention Center. Our students competed at the US Open, an international competition with great prestige in every sport worldwide. They also competed in the Arizona and Nevada State Championship Qualifiers, and will attend the California State Championship in April. All 8 students qualified, earning them a spot in the 2014 National Championship. We want to wish these students continued success, as they prepare for the National Championship, which will take place July 1 – July 7. Wish them good luck and show them your support!

Black Belt Seminar

In the upcoming month of April, we will have three different seminars for three different aspects of the black belt test: form, sparring, and breaking. These seminars will be held on three consecutive saturdays: April 5, April 12, and April 19. The first seminar will cover form, the second will cover sparring, and the final seminar will instruct breaking. The seminars will take place from 11:00 – 12:30. Each seminar is crucial and mandatory, so be sure not to miss any.

Black Belt Testing Seminar and Special Classes

There will be a black belt testing seminar on March 8, 2014 from 10:30-12:30. All students eligible for black belt must attend a black belt seminar, which will cover all the requirements and scoring breakdown for the test. In addition to the seminar, students must attend a total of three consecutive special classes on April 5, April 12, and April 19 from 11:00-12:30. The special classes will review form, breaking, and sparring respectively, preparing students for their upcoming test. The seminar and practices are mandatory, so make sure not to skip these important classes.